How to create the perfect feature wall (with pictures)

3 tips for how to make the perfect feature wall for displaying your art.

Use paint to frame a strong feature wall and create the perfect backdrop to display your centrepiece.

Decorative plates hung above a fireplace in a contemporary home. Catnap Design London.

Hanging plates on a feature wall, see our steps to see how we created this look.

1. Utilise dark colours to add depth to a room.

Take a look at the two photos beneath and see the difference the dark indent makes. It can be tempting to reserve dark colours for raised walls but often it is much more impactful when these are left light and the surrounding walls are painted a darker colour. This adds depth to the room and also makes the feature wall pop at the same time.

A cream wallA dark indent next to a raised wall which adds depth to the fireplace.

2. Choose heights carefully

When arranging plants or furniture be deliberate about your placing and consider where in the room that you want the focus to be drawn. Place art at eye height and any other additions well below this level so as not to draw attention away from the intended main feature.

A bright raised wall with a fireplace set against a dark wall next to a cheeseplant

3. Choose something eye-catching to display.

You've spent all this time creating your backdrop in order to frame something important so why would you put something up just for the sake of it? Exactly. This is a space within your home where you should feel free to really expresses your character and taste so consider how you want this feature to make you feel. Bright paintings and bold prints will always draw the eye, or hang contemporary plates for an original look that is both new and retro.

Hanging plates. Contemporary illustrated plates hung on a raised fireplace wall against Farrow and Ball Hague Blue indent.

Feature wall tips: Hang contemporary plates for an original look that is both new and retro. See all of our hanging plates here!

Indent colour - Hague Blue by Farrow & Ball, Hanging plates - Catnap Design London, prices start at £25

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