Brand history

My name is Suzie and I'm the head designer and founder of Catnap.


Approximately 7 years ago I graduated with a degree in Illustration and a dream to one day own my own shop selling illustrated goods. I came to begin this brand in a roundabout way, starting to hand-paint cats on plates and bowls back in 2013 when I was working in a luxury retail store. This was something I started to do for fun but found I was getting requests for bespoke designs and so continued. I continued to paint alongside another full time job in 2015, which was working in creative retail display on Bond Street and also the odd illustration commission too.


What initially started as a side hustle became a business in 2018 when I branched out and began turning my designs into a range of products. After months of drawing, drafting, painting and experimenting Catnap was born, and launched in early 2019.


All of the designs are hand painted by me first and then the images are sent to The Potteries in Stoke-on-Trent to be printed and fired on responsibly sourced Fine Bone China. I can be found selling Catnap products at market stalls in London, packing and shipping your products and, of course, working on new designs from my Southwark based studio. Together with our customers I hope to inspire joy within the home and elevate the practical into the joyful.


Thank you for supporting Catnap, I hope you enjoy my products as much as I enjoyed making them.


Love, Suzie x


P.s. For further info, including information on our production processes, please see here.