Brand History – Catnap Design London

Catnap brings you luxury affordable illustrated plates, bowls, homeware & more. We strive to elevate homes to be places of joy with our distinctive cat designs!

Created and designed exclusively by our founder Suzie on the South Coast and crafted in the Potteries of England. For information on our production processes, please see here.


Photo of Suzie, owner of Catnap Design


My story

My name is Suzie and I'm the head designer and founder of Catnap. 

Catnap really began 9 years ago, in 2012 when I was working in London soon after leaving university. One day, I visited a pottery painting cafe with my mum and was struck by an odd, square shaped bowl available for painting. I thought it would be fun to paint a life-size cat in the bowl, so that when the painting was fired it would seem as though one was looking down on a real cat trying to fit inside! I thought of it as an in-joke with myself and of no real interest to anybody else but to my surprise, when I posted photos online I received multiple likes, comments and even requests for bespoke designs!

It became clear to me that my designs were popular and I longed to turn them into a range of products but it was many years before I was able to. Finally, in 2018, after 6 years of balancing different jobs and continuing to satisfy the demand for bespoke ceramics, I decided to visit Stoke-on-Trent, home of English Pottery to meet with real crafters of U.K. made Bone china. Next, I requested photos of friends' cats as models and, after months of drawing, drafting, painting and experimenting Catnap was born, and launched in early 2019! 

Our process begins in my studio, where each design is hand painted and modelled on hilarious cats we know. The finished designs are sent to The Potteries in Stoke-on-Trent to be printed and fired on Staffordshire Fine Bone China, handmade on site. Although Catnap has expanded since its beginnings it is still run in the same way, by me. I can still be found selling Catnap products at market stalls in London, packing and shipping your products and, of course, working on new designs from my South Coast based studio, where I relocated in 2020.

I’m also still open to custom orders! While the company works solely in the UK, we are able to ship internationally and so if you’d like to discuss the possibility of capturing your cat(s) on fine bone china do get in touch!

Thank you for supporting Catnap, I hope you enjoy my products as much as I enjoyed making them.

Love, Suzie x