Bespoke commissions

We take on personal commissions! We can draw and paint a design just for you of a cat of your choosing!

This will be a true piece of artwork that will take time and skill to create from beginning to end and our pricing for these works reflect the bespoke nature of designing and printing one-off batches. (For something a little different see our "bespoke-lite"* service.)

For this reason we suggest prices per set to offer the best possible value for customers. We are unable to drop the price any further but can offer discounted rates on additional white-ware per design. 

Guideline prices

  • £600 for a set of 6 bespoke dinner plates - For a full sized cat design.
  • £300 for a set of 6 bespoke dinner plates - For a cat face design like "The Casper".
  • £150 for 6 bespoke baubles or egg cups - For a cat face design like "The Casper".
  • £120 for a bespoke original cat face painting on cartridge paper.

    We can also illustrate on any of our other white-ware such as trinket trays and teapots etc, just let us know what you fancy!

    To get started please send over your request to

    Ts & Cs:

    We require 8 weeks notice to take individual commissions onboard due to the care taken to make these treasured work of art. We are also subject to seasonal delays in getting the item printed and fired by our manufacturer so please allow for lots of notice for all bespoke orders to avoid disappointment.

    We also require good quality, well lit photos to complete your job and may have to turn down a commission if the photos are not clear enough.

    Bespoke items are non refundable.

    (For personal variations or customisations on the existing range - such as adding a name or message - please email your queries to

    Customer Testimonials

    Cat face on a teapot and mug, painted from customer photos. Customer testimonial.


    The pricing for the above bespoke commissions reflects the nature of designing and printing one-off batches in the same detailed style as our original line of products. However we know that for some people something a little less detailed will fit the bill perfectly! Illustration pricing begins at £45 + white-ware sourcing and delivery. To see examples of our bespoke lite service email