Fine Bone China

Fine bone china

All of the products are made using English Fine bone china which is made in Stoke-on-Trent by Duchess China. So what is Fine Bone China exactly?

"Fine Bone China is categorised as having more than 45% animal bone within the formulation, it is this constituent that give it its strength and translucent qualities when combined with Cornish China Clay and Feldspars." - Duchess China

For more information on our production processes please see here.

Caring for Fine Bone China

Fine Bone China is special. Catnap products have been crafted in Stoke-on-Trent to be durable enough to use everyday and with a small amount of extra care and love they can last a lifetime

Fine Bone China is hardy and durable - please feel free to use it in moderation in a microwave and in a dishwasher up to 60°c.

Fine Bone China may be damaged by extreme temperature changes such as boiling water being poured into a cold mug or teapot.

We strongly recommend first rinsing the mug or teapot with hot tap water before adding boiling water to make tea. A metal spoon or milk placed in the mug first can also help. Never put your Fine Bone China item into the freezer or oven.